Podium festival
Chamber music festival
Brijuni / Fažana
22—28 July 2019


Thursday, 25th of July 2019

9:00 PM
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart:
Čarobna frula - uvertira K.620 (1791)

Luigi Boccherini: Musica notturna delle strade di Madrid (1788)
I. Le campane de l’Ave Maria
II. Il tamburo dei Soldati
III. Minuetto dei Ciechi
IV. Il Rosario (Largo assai, allegro, largo come prima)
V. Passa Calle (Allegro vivo)
VI. Il tamburo
VII. Ritirata (Maestoso)

Laura Mjeda Čuperjani:
Reverse for accordion and string quartet (2011)*

Johan Sebastian Bach: Air on G - String (1720)

Antonio Vivaldi: Violin Concerto Op. 8 - Summer (1723)
I. Allegro non molto
II. Adagio
III. Presto

The purpose of the Festival Opening concert is to bring classical music and festival events closer to the audience. For this reason, the concept of the concert is based on presenting top classical music in a modern and easy-to-understand way. The program is made up of well-known classical works, that attract to listening also the less attentive listeners, and from lesser-known composers and works whose purpose is to encourage audiences to discover new and accept the more contemporary sound of classical music. The basic ensemble is composed of string instruments in different compositions, and for the variety of a sound coulisse, there is also a piece with accordion and string quartet – Reverse by Laura Mjeda Čuperjani. Thus, almost the whole specter of musicians that are represented at the festival will be introduced during the concert.

* first performance in Croatia

Friday, 26th of July 2019

Jean-Baptiste Barrièr:
Sonata br. 10 u G duru

Laura Mjeda Čuperjani:
isaccordion for voice and accordion (2011)

Peteris Vasks:
Gramata cellam (1978)

II. Dolcissimo

Ludwig van Beethoven:
Duet “With Two Eyeglasses Obligato” WoO 32 (1796)

Johann Halvorsen:
Passacaglia after G. F. Händel Suite No.7

After the successful "test" performance of the concert with the Brijuni sounds and landscape itself as a natural coulisse for the event - Sounds of Nature at the Podium Festival in 2017, we continue the search for a new, alternative concert space and approach. This year's concert, out of the cycle Sound of Nature, has a subtitle "Duality", which hints at the composition of chamber ensembles (duets) and a fact that this is a second installment of the cycle. The concert will be held at three different locations on the island. The audience will walk up to every next location with the musical prelude of nature. The idea of this interlude is a kind of inversion of scenery and music. Music becomes a sounding scenery to nature, and with its harmonies, it adds to the sounds of nature and through them communicates with the surroundings. Thus, the listener through music sensitively and reasonably connects with nature and achieves a unique but yet transient harmony.

Saturday, 27th July 2019

8:00 PM
Richard Strauss:
String sextet from Capriccio op. 85

Andante con moto

Laura Mjeda Čuperjani:
Incertitude for string quartet with soloists (2019)*

Robert Schumann:
Concerto for violoncello in a minor, op. 129 (1850)

I. Nicht zu schnell
II. Langsam
III. Sehr lebhaft

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart:
Grande Sestetto Concertante in E-flat major, K.364 (1808)

I. Allegro
II. Andante
III. Finale. Presto

The word concert (Italian „concerto“) usually means a three-part work for one or more solo instruments accompanied by an orchestra. This form of music has its beginnings in baroque music when it developed parallel to the „Concerto grosso“, where the role of a soloist had a smaller group of musicians. On this basis, we named the concert based on the prevailing musical form and in accordance with Baroque tradition simply by the place of performance - Concerti da Chiesa (concerts in the church). Modern performance of the concerto, as defined at the beginning of the text, is in most cases a musical spectacle. Our concept is the exact opposite of the currently established practice, namely that we will present the concerts in a more intimate manner, where the orchestra will be replaced by the string quartet, and consequently, the concert can be held in a smaller space. In line with the idea – less is more, the concert thus gains a whole new dimension, the close proximity of the audience gives them a new perspective and a dipper insight into the world of performing musician. The soloist, Alja Mandič Faganel, will perform a chamber version of Schumann's Concerto for violoncello in a minor with a string quartet accompaniment. The highlight of the festival is a new composition by Croatian composer Laura Mjeda Čuperjani, written especially for the Podium Festival, which combines the string quartet with saxophone, clarinet and voice. Composition titled „Incertitude“ is inspired by the lyrics of a poem „Flood“, from the collection of short poems „Pomes Penyeach“ by James Joyce.

"Joyce, the singer ("Maria von Guttenberg-Lenz"), the string quartet ("Bauer") and the wind instruments ("from the Brioni Goldstar orchestra") gather again at Brijuni, at St. James church. With the metaphor of love and mind that passes through emotional chaos ... From the vision of today, like a kaleidoscope ... "

* world premiere

10:00 PM
G. Aliprandi: Sarasvati
G. Aliprandi: Kusadasi / ATTYA
G. Aliprandi: Greek Song
G. Aliprandi: African Masks

Beppe Aliprandi – saxophon, flute, Nenad Mirt – double bass,
Dušan Kranjc – percussion

"Beppe Aliprandi is one of the most iconic personalities of the Milanese jazz scene from more than sixty years, from the debut of June 1985 when at the head of his first quartet he got on the stage of the Hot Club of Milan (…) From then to today Aliprandi expresses his creativity with painting and engraving too, and he also receives significant awards on the Italian and British press. He published ten records which also imposed him on national and European level. The fulcrum of the Milanese saxophonist’s music has always been in appearance compositional, very nice and original for the canons of Italian jazz, without letting his music flow into an exasperated free and refusing at the same time the mainstream label." (Musica Jazz Magazine, June 2019).

His music grows day after day, following the road traced by the great masters of the Jazz, keeping always a firm bond between the Avantgarde and the richest tradition of swing, allowing in his language, well ahead of current fashions, the stimuli from different expressions, such as chamber music, Indian music and popular musics from Afrika, Balkans, Arab countries and Caribbean.

In this performance, with the bass player Nenad Mirt and percussionist Dušan Kranjc from Pula, he will propose four compositions which constitute a meeting between Jazz and Popular Music from India, Turkey and Greece.

Additional program

Moments musicaux
25. - 27. July 2019 – Riva Brijuni

Wine tasting
Friday, 26. July 2019 – In front of St. German Church (after the concert)

Wine tasting
Saturday, 27. July 2019 – In front of St. German Church (after the concert)

Boat transfer schedule
Fažana - Veliki Brijun
departure from Fažana 7 PM or 8PM
departure from V.Brijun 11 PM
Fažana - Veliki Brijun
departure from Fažana at 7 PM
departure from V.Brijun at 11 PM

About us

Podium Festival Brijuni / Fažana is a chamber music festival which offers its listeners top quality experience of classical music in a unique ambient of National Park Brijuni and the small town of Fažana. The common thread of this year’s festival is “communication with the audience” which happens through popularization (Festival Opening), dialog, where ideas can be brought together (Sounds of Nature / Duality) and tradition (Concerti da Chiesa).
PODIUM has been flourishing for nine years in six countries. Its modern design operates outside of conventional frameworks - a mobile network of people combining their visions in different parts of Europe. Podium stages welcome cultural innovation and give all sorts of enthusiasts of the arts – from music to design and organization – a chance to perform and create together, given that the approach is original and creative. The goal is to build bridges between tradition and innovation, to bring together well-known classical composers of the past with living practitioners.
Traditionally part of each concert is also dedicated to performing new music which encourages composers to compose new works of art. This harmonic relationship continues this year with Laura Mjeda Čuperjani, who is composer in residence of Podium Festival Brijuni / Fažana 2019. Composition titled „Incertitude“, commissioned by Podium Festival on the occasion of Paul Kupelwieser’s 100. anniversary of death, is inspired by the lyrics of a poem „Flood“, from the collection of short poems „Pomes Penyeach“ by James Joyce.

"Joyce, the singer ("Maria von Guttenberg-Lenz"), the string quartet ("Bauer") and the wind instruments ("from the Brioni Goldstar orchestra") gather again at Brijuni, at St. James church. With the metaphor of love and mind that passes through emotional chaos ... From the vision of today, like a kaleidoscope ... " (Laura Mjeda Čuperjani)

For the even richer content of the Podium festival, we continue with the tradition of an additional program. This year, with an ethno-jazz concert Podium Festival featuring Beppe Aliprandi and as every year, a wine tasting from Croatian wineries after the Brijuni Concerts.



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Festival Info Point (Brionska ulica 10, Fažana)
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Working hours: 22nd - 27th of July 2019 from 10am – 1pm and 6pm – 10pm

Brijuni concerts – Donation ticket 120 HRK



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